And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach
the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15

Are you thinking about making a mission trip to India to work with Independent Church in India? Praise the Lord! That means God has given you a heart to help us reach the unreached with the Gospel, even with personal sacrifice of time, expense and comfort. A short-term mission trip can seem exciting, glamorous, and exotic. Before packing your bags, though, let's look at some options with all honesty. What do you think would actually be the most fruitful for God's kingdom? ICII's primary mission strategy is to raise up native Indian missionaries to preach the Gospel and to reach out with helps to the poorest of the poor. Let's briefly look at the following comparison:

Your Mission Trip To India

You will need the following for your expenses:

1). About $1600 for your airline ticket from US to India. (other countries will vary)

2). Passport and visa $150 to $250

3). Vaccinations - $300 or more

4). Room, food and traveling expenses per day- $40 to $60+ (this will vary)

5). Suggested donation to help provide for the ministry of Independent Church in India (ICII) $1,000 per visit.

Total expenses for 14 days: $3800 +

Would you please prayerfully consider Sponsoring A Native Missionary instead?

Instead of you coming to India for a short trip, for the same price you could fully support a native pastor or missionary for ONE WHOLE YEAR! A native missionary or pastor that is Biblically trained, who knows their language and culture, and who can live among their own people can be totally freed up to preach the Gospel and minister to believers full time. In one year, he or she could reach tens of thousands of the lost in India with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Look at all this would cover:

1). It will provide for a native pastor or missionary (and their families) physical needs so they do not have to have a job on the side to provide for their own needs. They can be totally free to fulfill God's will in their lives each day full time!

2). What ever you can provide on top of your missionary's physical needs can go to help run their ministry. All the rest of your sponsorship will equip your missionary with Gospel tracts, Bibles, transportation, and other ministry needs. For example for $600 you can provide your missionary to distribute 1000 New Testament Bibles in the villages to new believers. For only $250 can provide for 15,000 Gospel tracts. About $850 will provide for a motorized bike so they can reach more villages per day.

All these things could be provided for a native missionary, and would cost you the same as to come and only stay for 10 days to 2 weeks.
Missionary sponsorship for a year- $1440
New Testament Bibles - $600
15,000 Gospel tracts - $250
A motorized bike - $850
A digital camera so photos can be sent to you of the work you are supporting in India - $200
(these things may vary according to ministry needs)

Total cost to sponsor a missionary for one year - approx $3340+

Total cost for your 10 day to two week mission trip - $3800+

You can reach thousands more souls with the Gospel without ever leaving home! No risk, no discomfort, no trouble, and more lost souls reached. Please understand, is not to discourage you in any way, but to ask you to please prayerfully consider again whether God really wants you to come personally, or rather to sponsor a native missionary. His desire is to reach souls more than anything else. In all honesty, which would be the most effective?

Perhaps you will find that there is good reason why you do need to come to India personally. It could be that God has gifted you in some special way, maybe with a skill such as medical knowledge, for example. Perhaps God has put a special calling on your life in mission work. Maybe you just have a desire you can't explain. We fully believe in using every resource and advantage that God has given you to advance His kingdom. Remember, God won't bless you with more unless you use what you already have faithfully.

The Greatest Help you Can Give

If you do make the decision to come to India, praise the Lord, we are glad for your help! We want to point out that whatever the reason you want to come, whatever your gifts or calling may be, there is one significant advantage you do have, which we pray that you will use for the Lord's work. If you are an American, or are from another prosperous country, you have the enormous affluency of your nation and society behind you. For example, God has blessed the American nation almost unimaginably in contrast to most of the world. If you do come to India to work with ICII, please realize that you will have the advantage of telling others in your own county about the great need that is here. You can share with your friends, family, and your church the suffering in India, the mission of ICII, and how they can get involved to help. Doing this simple step after you return would be such a tremendous blessing for the poorest of the poor here in India. To get others involved in partnering with ICII would be the greatest help you can give. Since you have taken the time, expense, and effort to travel all the way to India to work with ICII, you can continue to help to lost and poor and needy after your trip is over just by sharing your testimony and photos of India, the vision and work of ICII, doing a fundraiser, and lots of other possibilities. Please don't overlook this one vital key to unlocking the greatest benefit from all of your sacrifice and effort to reach the lost and suffering in India!

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Ways that you can personally get involved.

Do you ever ask the Lord how He can use you more to preach His Gospel to a lost and dying world? Do you ever seek Him on how He can use you more in every area of your life? If you have a burden to reach the lost and hurting souls in India we need your help. In India the harvest is great, but the laborers are few.

1). Pray for our goals for 2007.

2). Have a church or social fundraiser to provide these urgent needs.

3). Want to help us distribute "Reaping the Harvest" videos? Please email us for more information. We are praying for team workers to join us from any state in the United States or around the world to share "Independent Church In India's" vision by video and literature in the churches, Bible cell, or prayer groups in your surrounding areas.

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